Writing Initiatives/Projects

All original writing initiatives are collaborative efforts―working closely with subject matter experts to create written communications which clearly address the intended message. The following services are designed to ensure that your written communications safeguard your professional reputation. Each is approached in a manner which focuses on protecting, projecting, and illuminating your expertise―regardless of the type of communication from business to marketing to scholarly to technical.

Business Documents/Communications – Support for all types of business communiqués
Manuscripts/Publications/Scholarly Writings – Offer three special services
Résumé Development – Includes bios and curriculum vitae
Script Writing – Encompasses introductions as well as content for e-learning venues
Technical Writing – Procedure Manuals and MMEL development support for when your team just doesn’t have the time.
Writing Coaching – Targets the up-and-coming to learn the nuances of “Writing for Influence”

Professional fees are based on the service and type of writing initiative.

To discuss your needs, contact Blanche Gaynor by phone at 859.394.4322 or e-mail at gaynor@writinges.com.