Writing Enhancement Services offers a variety of services.

Today’s technology offers more avenues to disseminate a message than ever before.  Besides the traditional print or hard copy, there are now blogs, e-mail, interactive e-learning tools, e-newsletters, letters, press releases, website content, web-based training tools, training materials, PowerPoints, user manuals, videos and on and on and on.  While technology makes it easier to communicate, its ease of use also makes it easier to jeopardize your brand because of a stupid typo.

The following services are designed to ensure that your written communications reflect the professional image you’ve worked so hard to create.  Each is approached in a manner which focuses on protecting, projecting, and illuminating your expertise ― regardless of the type of communication from business to marketing to scholarly to technical.

Proofreading – Address the writing basics of proper spelling, punctuation, and basic grammar

  • WES offers special proofing services pertaining to manuscripts/publications/scholarly writings; click here to learn more.

Copy Editing – Proofreading plus structural errors, style inconsistencies and tone issues, as well as:

  • Assess word choice and phrasing
  • Critiquing syntax (orderly or systematic arrangement)
  • Verifying references (i.e., information in attachments agrees with reference in text)    
  • Confirm simple calculations (i.e., column sums and simple formulas)
Advanced Copy Editing – Proofreading plus Copy Editing plus extensive rewriting for readability, sense and style; approach material from “buyer/seller” viewpoints
Writing Initiatives – Includes development of Business Documents, Grant Writing, Resume Development, Script Writing and Technical Writing projects; to learn more, click here

Professional fees are based on the service and type of writing initiative.

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