Who We Serve & How

We support the writing initiatives of academics, authors, businesses, individuals, and nonprofits.

Business Communications – All forms of written communications, including, but not limited to: case studies, letters, manuals, marketing materials, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, profiles, proposals, reports, requests for proposals, web-based training programs, website content, white papers and work scopes
Job Seekers – Résumé/curriculum vitae development – including cover letter
Academics and Scholars – Support the development of dissertations, essays, manuscripts, reports, scholarly papers, term papers, text books, white papers, and PowerPoint presentations
Authors – Final proofing of manuscripts before publisher submission and of printer’s proofs prior to production
Nonprofits – Develop targeted case statements for fundraising campaigns, review annual reports prior to production, research potential funders and assist in grant writing

Fees are based on the service and type of writing initiative.  To discuss how Writing Enhancement Services can help you with your writing initiative, contact Blanche Gaynor via phone at 859.394.4322 or e-mail at gaynor@writinges.com.